OrgPublisher System Administrator (Training and Exam)

As part of your initial implementation and/or training program, your designated System Administrators will take the System Administration course and will be required to take and pass the certification exam.

Upon a passing grade, you will become an official System Administrator and be given access to logging support cases for your organization. You will also be provided with a PeopleFluent system administrator badge specific to your application. 

Why become a PeopleFluent System Administrator?

  • Quickly and effectively manage your users as the level 1 support to answer their questions and work on their issues
  • With certification, the System Administrator will be given access to log level 2 support cases
  • Be recognized in the industry for your knowledge in PeopleFluent products

Format and Requirements

  • Certification is designed for:
    • Clients who attend the instructor-led Administrator classes
    • Clients who opt to purchase the certification exam separately without taking the instructor-led course
    • Clients who are current system administrators who would like to take the certification exam to earn their certified administrator badge.(no charge)
  • The certification program consists of two parts: Quiz and Simulated Exercises
  • You must receive a score of 85% on each part in order to pass the program
  • If you fail the certification at any point, you can retake the certification two more times before attending the class again
  • You have 21 days to complete the certification once enrolled in the program
Note: Certification is for versions 13 and higher.